Day 653


At  the University level in Kuwait, students are taught in single sex classrooms except where it becomes necessary to mix the sexes. You might look at it like this. Twenty students want to take Technical Writing. Eighteen of them are female. Two are male. Thusly, under some interpretations, it is necessary to have a mixed sex classroom.

While most universities in Kuwait have reasonable numbers of students in each class, my own chose to put forty students into each English language and composition class. It is well known that I came to prefer mixed classes because neither the men nor the women would be disruptive in front of the opposite sex. And because those same men and women would push to be better students in front of one another. But ultimately, it is my women only classes that I will miss the most. They gave me a view of myself, of the 1990-1991 Gulf war, and into the judgements my own culture (we’ll call it Western culture) makes of both Western and Arab women.

The image above shows the gate into my apartment tower. If I turned around, I would see all of the possible misery in the world. My female students made me open my eyes in the most forceful way possible–they whispered their facts to me.

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