9:13 PM American Time

Smarter than You Think

My niece is three. She can, from the evidence, open a drawer and the box inside it. She can fish out a set of ultrasound pictures of my ovaries-taken a year ago at a Kuwaiti hospital-then leave them on a shelf in the bathroom.
Those ultrasound photos cost me precisely 3.450KD (KD work on a 1000 cent system). The cyst that shows up on those photos has grown and is kinda stabby all the time. With insurance the first-insurance recommended provider-ultrasound in the USA cost me at least $900 (274.186 KWD). There are still more bills to be delivered. My insurer paid their own chunk prior to my receiving these bills. Without question, I had reasonably good insurance in Kuwait. I have better insurance in the USA than most academics I know.

I see where the latest proposed healthcare bill  before the US congress is going. I see the health-insurance marriages, the cancer-cost struck divorces, the preventable but too costly deaths by disease. I see my inability to support my father and his wife when their medicare funded jobs disappear. They both work with the elderly, the poor, and the dying.

I see my own asthmatic future sans healthcare. And I am left to wonder why anyone-especially me- wouldn’t leave America for health insurance elsewhere.

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