FAQ: Advice for Finding Work in Kuwait

I’ve been receiving a lot of mail asking questions about working in Kuwait and more widely the Middle East.  I’ve gathered answers to those questions into a FAQ. Working in the ME isn’t for everyone, but it may well be an opportunity for you.


Why Become an Expat in the Middle East?

  • Generally, people come to the Gulf Region for the money, for the experience, for language acquisition, and religious reasons.

What about my family? My kids’ education?

  • In Kuwait and many other Gulf States Men can get visas for their wives and Children.
  • In Kuwait, Women CANNOT support their husbands’ visas. Many can support their Children’s visas.
  • Unmarried, unrelated men and women cannot live together. They do check.
  • Education is choppy. If you can afford the best private schools, then they’ll keep up. If you cannot afford those schools, you will have to find other ways to support the childrens’ educations. MAKE CERTAIN THAT YOUR CONTRACT COVERS THE ACTUAL COST OF EDUCATION FOR ALL OF YOUR CHILDREN.

I’m a man traveling alone. Are there still family considerations?

  • Single men are not allowed to live in many neighborhoods in many of the Gulf States. So, you many well discover that the housing that you are allowed to hold is far from your work and/or far from what you might consider standard housing.

I’m a woman traveling alone. Are there still family considerations?


How do I evaluate an offer?

They’ve asked for my religion, why?

I’m interested in spending time with the locals. How do I do that?

There are a lot of bad reviews of this employer. Should I worry?

What if I get lonely? How do I meet people/make friends?

Will my spouse get a job?

I’m a woman. I can’t find details on how to sponsor my husband’s?

What about my mental health?

I can’t find much information about the country online! What do I do?

I’ve been asked to sign a contract directly after my interview. Is that normal?

The company isn’t offering me a residency visa. They are paying for me to fly out once a month/every three months/every six months.

What does return flights mean?

I contacted an expat that works for the company I interviewed with? Should I be concerned?

I don’t read Arabic. Am I missing something?

They say I will have health insurance what does that mean?

How much does housing really cost?

How about a car?

My friends are concerned about me being kidnapped/killed/left in the desert/human trafficked. What do I say?

You left Kuwait. Would you go back? Were you just done?

I read the newspaper in English, and now I’m terrified.

How do people keep in touch?

I got here, and now I’m not sure. How long should I try this before I return to my home country?

My University Job says 8-5. This seems weird for a Western university. What can I expect?

You’re white. Anything I should know if I’m not?